A Smile Worthy of a Pageant Beauty, Dental World Manila

A Smile Worthy of a Pageant Beauty

A Smile Worthy of a Pageant Beauty

How does one get a perfect smile? “Either you are born with it or you’re not” says Dr. Malony L. Santos, head dentist of Dental World Manila, formerly ML Santos Dental Cosmetics and TMJ Center. Even so, Dr. Santos assures, those who are not naturally gifted with a perfect set of teeth can achieve it. And his clinic has made that possible for many patients, transforming them into gods and goddesses of beauty.

With 16 years of dental practice under his belt and a long list of high-profile clients, Dr. Santos was chosen as the head judge for the Best Smile award during the 2008 Miss Earth pageant.

All things considered, Mother Nature has been generous to all the 85 candidates, but Dr. Santos and 3 associates from Dental World Manila carefully evaluated each one to determine which of the ingénues wins the award and the P15,000 gift certificate from his renowned clinic.

The criteria the judges used very well define what a perfect smile is: well-aligned and pearly white teeth, complete dentition (no missing teeth), caries-free, good bite, a smile not reaching the gum line, and pinkish gums. After deliberating, the judges declared Miss Brazil the winner. On coronation night, Miss Brazil sailed through to the finals and won Miss Fire.

In the run-up to pageant night, the Brazilian, along with the other Miss Earth contestants, visited Dental World Manila. All were more than eager to consult with Dr. Santos and discover the treatments that would enhance their beauty even more. The gorgeous environmental ambassadors were particularly interested in cosmetic procedures, teeth-whitening, and dental veneers, and keen on getting a complete smile makeover. They stayed in the clinic for a while, enjoying the hearty local meals prepared for them, getting acquainted with the staff, and having a photoshoot with the expert team of dentists.

Dr. Santos aims to provide the less endowed the opportunity to look as good and be as healthy as the Miss Earth candidates. There is, indeed, no shortcut to a perfect smile, but his team is more than capable of creating it for patients.

Dental World Manila is composed of highly skilled dentists, whose fields of specialization cover the major and critical branches of dentistry. They are supported by state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, including an in-house laboratory for diagnostics, X-ray, and surgery. All these make Dental World Manila a complete hub for dental care. Transcending general cleaning and healthful treatments, the clinic, with Dr. Santos leading the way, provides total makeovers that will change one’s overall aura and appeal perhaps worthy of a pageant crown.

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